Vocal Empowerment Coaching


 Vocal empowerment can be recognized as... 

- The ability to speak or sing while under pressure. 

- One’s authentic voice 

- The belief that I am worthy of being heard 

- Connect with your voice from head to toe 

- Forge a connection between your creativity and your voice 

- Cultivate bravery in social and professional situations 

- Learn about breath support 

- Play with volume and tone 

- Learn to count on your voice when it counts the most! 



- Anyone who communicates for a living 

- Students seeking better communication skills 

- Parents who wish to model compassion for their children 

- Singers and aspiring singers 

- Those who’ve been victimized 

- Those who wish to advocate for themselves or others 

- Job applicants 

And MANY more...


Affirming Voice Vocal Empowerment Coaching is a blend of my experience as a professional singer, teacher and intuitive. In coaching sessions we place importance on developing a relationship with one’s voice. This can be the key to empowered speech and singing. 

We will explore traditional vocal techniques helping you learn how to breathe, hold posture, and expand your range. These techniques are paired with holistic exercises & activities, like voice mapping, which will help you understand more about your voice from birth to present time.   

Vocal Empowerment Coaching will also help you strengthen the muscle of improvisation, as this skill is vital in learning how to best express yourself under pressure. 

Overall, your voice is an innate resource waiting to be used creatively, boldly and compassionately. Working closely with your goals, Vocal Empowerment Coaching will help you be able to count on your voice, and use it for positive change.


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Kate Callahan is "the real deal".  She is a both a strong and kind woman who extends herself wholeheartedly to her profession. Her openness to truly connect with her clients affords them the comfort and confidence to find their voice.  Imagine being able to speak with ease and grace, and to be heard from your authentic self.  This is the gift of working with Kate, don't wait another day to be truly heard.

 -- Deborah R.

"Kate has a wonderful voice - clear & strong. Her teaching style is holistic, weaving life experiences with singing technique. As she worked to help me become more conscious of my breathing to strengthen my voice we also talked about experiences which gave voice to my values. It's been a delight to work with Kate." 

-- Helene S.

"How lucky I was to take advantage of Kate's generous gift of a voice lesson. The best way I could describe my lesson is to say that I felt I was with a holistic healer only it was about the voice. I loved her approach and found no part of what we did to be intimidating. It was really fun and everything Kate said about breathing made sense to me. Because of my lesson with Kate I'm "developing a relationship with my voice." I highly recommend working with Kate to anyone wishing to do so." 

--Barbara L.

"I really appreciated and enjoyed the insightful and non-judgmental manner in which Kate provided coaching in vocal empowerment. I am not a vocalist, but from time to time, have wondered if there was a way to enhance my comfort level and the relationship I have with my voice, and how I use it to communicate with others. Kate led me through some breathing exercises, to which I have since returned to practice. Her insightful feedback as to how I used my voice growing up was very helpful in how that might impact the ways I use it today. I am confident that Kate can use her considerable expertise and insights to help you explore and enhance your relationship with your voice, whatever your reasons for doing so!" 

-- Lisa K.

 "The Vocal Empowerment Session was great! Many insights and awareness about my voice (and my life) came out in this Session. I was surprised to find that the same exercises Kate led me through for exploration of my voice are also techniques to help empower my voice/me . Kate worked with my vulnerabilities gracefully and shared her expertise with no judgment, so I felt safe. I learned a lot, and it was fun." 

--Diana D.

"Very quickly in our session I was amazed at the breadth and depth of Investigation, passion  and skills that you have gone through in your life for the importance of somebody vocalizing themselves.  And then I realized how important it is for me in all aspects of my life to really vocalize what I really want to vocalize. If I'm going to do it I want to do it with clarity and truth and honesty.  And ultimately soul and heart and the beauty.  It will affect my quality of life.  You and I found places in my everyday life where I could do this alone and with others.  By trying different ways you recommended to breathe and sing from within my body I found different experiences and expressions. I accessed different emotions and feelings.  A new adventure has begun! Thank you, thank you, thank you.  What a gift.  Thank you for your skills and your passion and inspiration. "

-- Steve C.