Your voice is an innate resource waiting to be used creatively, boldly and authentically.


 The Affirming Voice Six-Month Program is designed to help you empower your voice. Whether you desire a stronger speaking voice or the ability to be a lead singer, the Six-Month Program will increase self-confidence and ease which will help you reach your goal.

You are at the center of the Six-Month Program. Kate keeps your goals at heart while guiding you into a deeper relationship with your voice. Kate’s Affirming Voice Six-Month Program places importance on developing a relationship with one’s voice. Through traditional vocal techniques that help you learn how to breathe, hold posture and expand your volume, you will harness the power of your voice as an instrument. These techniques, paired with holistic exercises and activities, like Kate’s Voice Mapping Process, will help you understand more about your voice from birth to present time. This leads to empowerment.


■ The support of a cohort (5-10 people) 

■ One-to-one vocal empowerment coaching 

■ Online group coaching sessions

■ Weekly short-response journaling

■ Voice Mapping Process

■ Video Tutorials

■ Concert Experience


June 1 – June 30, 2019 


PROGRAM RUNS:  June - November 2019 


FEES: $100 Registration Fee PLUS $300/Month for Six Months ($1,900 total)





"Kate, I just wanted to let you know what a great joy it is working with you and graduating from the Affirming Voice Class of 2019.  Your class provided me with the tools to expand my vocal, arranging and writing skills. 

You taught me how to use my entire body as a musical instrument.  My breathing techniques, posture and tone control have improved and my singing feels more expressive and simple.  It truly is a gift that I will treasure forever. 

You also helped me in a positive way to arrange and write a song.  Your ability to work with me on the musical arrangement and your patience with my chord selection and melody was perfect.  I also enjoyed how you helped me craft the words and story to a song.  Always with true constructive feed back. Finally bringing all of that together using dynamics, tempo and feeling in my voice. 

We had a great class and I enjoyed meeting them on line and in person.  I enjoyed watching our class perform, Steve with his great intro and original song, Richard singing the John Prine tune, Prati reflecting on her poem and Deb reading from her biography.  All had a unique and interesting voice empowerment experience that I got to witness and participate in. 

Kate, I look forward to continuing on this journey with you. Thanks so much for setting me on the right path.  Oh and I have another song idea I'm working on too." - Tim C.

"I have just concluded a 6-month vocal empowerment journey with Kate Callahan. I embarked as a long-time amateur singer who had lost contact with regular singing and vocal practice. I also had a few issues, like endurance, that needed troubleshooting. The commitment to this journey immediately dedicated me to paying attention to singing and making time for it. For Kate's part, she introduced me to a good new variety of vocal warm-ups that significantly improved my vocal endurance. Kate's method also reminded me of the essential joy in singing and encouraged me to remember and revisit the many decades and facets of my vocal life. Singing had always been a joy in my life ... and so it is again. 

It is also important to note how much I have enjoyed the four fellow travelers I have met on this journey. We have become fast friends and will continue to share the bonds we have made. I think none of us will soon forget the joy and camaraderie of the last sessions of working and singing together." - Richard W.