Vocal Empowerment Coaching

Your voice is an innate resource waiting to be used creatively, boldly and compassionately. Working closely with your goals, Affirming Voice Vocal Empowerment Coaching will help you be able to count on your voice and use it for positive change.


What is vocal empowerment? 

Vocal empowerment can be recognized in three ways:


  • The belief that I am worthy of being heard 


  • The ability to speak or sing while under pressure  
  • Connect with your voice from head to toe  
  • Play with volume and tone  
  • Learn about breath support 


  • One’s authentic voice  
  • Count on your voice when it counts the most  
  • Cultivate bravery in social and professional situations  
  • Forge a connection between your creativity and your voice

Affirming Voice Vocal Empowerment Coaching is a blend of my experience as a professional singer, teacher and intuitive. In coaching sessions we place importance on developing a relationship with one’s voice. This can be the key to empowered speech and singing.  

We will explore traditional vocal techniques helping you learn how to breathe, hold posture, and expand your range. These techniques are paired with holistic exercises & activities, like voice mapping, which will help you understand more about your voice from birth to present time.    

Vocal Empowerment Coaching will also help you strengthen the muscle of improvisation, as this skill is vital in learning how to best express yourself under pressure.

Are You Ready To Empower YOUR Voice?

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"Kate's performance with my students was incredibly moving! In the short span of one hour she skillfully disarmed barriers in communication and created a platform for deep emotional sharing that brought many to tears. Weaving music, vocal exercises, and sharing of her own life's journey, Kate united the group into a collective presence, while allowing each student to find value and authenticity in their own voice."

--Susan D.