"What's Your Triumph?"

Motivational Talk & Performance with Kate Callahan

Kate Callahan asks, "What's your triumph?" Hartford's Best Singer-Songwriter of 2017 celebrates life's heartaches and hills by the measure of growth they awaken in the soul. Her new album and motivational talk, "Triumph," is her most uplifting. Kate's songs speak to human capacity. A survivor of traumatic brain injury, Kate faces depression while hearing voices on a daily basis. Turning to affirmations helps Kate develop the mindset to live free of these symptoms. She has created an album of affirmations called "Triumphant You" and a deck of affirmations cards, which allow audiences to take home tools. Kate's motivational talks are not just "talk." She weaves in affirmations and her original songs, allowing audiences to connect emotionally to their own story and make way for the triumph that lies within.

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