Miracle of Melody Workshop

The Miracle of Melody works well as a co-ed "icebreaker" for new student orientations, as well as libraries, churches, and retreat centers.

Over the years I have worked as a singer-songwriter, I’ve written over 100 songs. Almost as many times, I’ve wondered where did that melody come from? How did I write that?  Some say the muse is a creative source. Others swear it’s about musical knowledge. I question whether it’s a backlog of songs I’ve heard on the radio? 

Somehow melody is in us and around us, whether we write songs for a living or hum things we’ve never heard before, while washing dishes. 

This workshop explores the connection between our voices and what makes our voices sing. The only requirement is a willingness to make sound! All are welcome to participate in vocal improv, circle singing, lyric writing, sounding, and grounding.

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