Kate Callahan at Benefit House Concert

Glastonbury, CT

This House Concert will be held in a private home in Glastonbury, CT, but open to the public. To reserve a seat and get directions, contact Patti Cole at (860)633-5057 or by email at

Suggested donation is $25 plus a donation for the local food bank.
Refreshments will be provided.

ABOUT THIS SPECIAL BENEFIT CONCERT: While sharing good food, good company, and great music, the audience will be helping to complete Adama’s Dream. Thanks to the generosity of many and the expertise of the charity 'Shine on Sierra Leone,' a school is up and running in Adama Barrie’s home village of Kamathudugu, Sierra Leone since 2010. Adama and her children are refugees who fled the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone in 2001. Funds are being raised to sustain the school by paying their teachers and providing books and supplies. The school is serving approximately 200 children in 4 classrooms. This is the first generation of children in the village who will be literate in its 175 year history.