Kate Callahan at Triumphant You: Yoga and the Power of Affirmations

West Hartford Yoga, 23 Brook Street, West Hartford, CT

Kate's concert's connect on a deeper level and shine light on all who attend… Join us for a concert featuring songs from Kate’s new album “Triumph.” Singer-songwriters come and go, but Kate has risen out of life’s hardships to write her fourth album of courageously themed songs. This studio release brightens the ear with its pure melodies and Kate’s verve for writing uplifting songs despite the times. Callahan is here to stay—bold and optimistic—and TRIUMPH is her ticket! Kate gives us a glimpse of what she appreciates in life, and tackles how to rise above life’s circumstances — her visionary soul alive in her lyrics.

Kate has joined the self-improvement movement with the release of her “Triumphant You” products, including a CD of spoken affirmations and a deck of affirmations cards.

Admission: $45

www.Kate-Callahan.com | www.westhartfordyoga.com