Kate Callahan at Sharing The Light

Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, 395 West Avon Road, Avon, CT

AFFIRMING VOICE: Vocal Empowerment for the Brave Hearted!

What is vocal empowerment? Most of us use our voice on a daily basis without thinking much about it. However, some of us desire more from our voice: consistency, power, love, ease. Our voice is an innate tool we can strengthen and inspire with conscious attention. In this workshop we will explore the voice as an instrument of authenticity and courage. Using spoken word, improv and some singing, participants will leave with a clearer connection to their voice, tools for empowerment, and an increased sense of joy.

ABOUT KATE CALLAHAN: When Kate was 19 she sustained a brain injury that changed the course of her life. Among the many deficits she endured post-injury, the loss of her singing voice was the most traumatic. When the insurance company cut off her medical therapies, Kate used creativity and music to help her regain her sense of self and her singing voice. An advocate of the power of the human voice, Kate leads a vocal empowerment program for women inmates at York Correctional Institution. Now she brings elements of her powerful program to the public in her Affirming Voice workshops, one-on-one coaching and group programs.

TESTIMONIALS: "Kate Callahan is "the real deal". She is a both a strong and kind woman who extends herself wholeheartedly to her profession. Her openness to truly connect with her clients affords them the comfort and confidence to find their voice. Imagine being able to speak with ease and grace, and to be heard from your authentic self. This is the gift of working with Kate, don't wait another day to be truly heard." - Deborah R.

"I really appreciated and enjoyed the insightful and non-judgmental manner in which Kate provided coaching in vocal empowerment." -Lisa K.

"Kate worked with my vulnerabilities gracefully and shared her expertise with no judgment, so I felt safe. I learned a lot, and it was fun." -Diana D.

WORKSHOP: 2:00-4:00PM TICKETS: $35